Professional Female Surfer Promotes Orthodontics

Professional Female Surfer Promotes Orthodontics

Braces can be challenging at any age, but during the teen and preteen years, the experience can sometimes be especially difficult. The process can occasionally take longer than expected, and you could wind up feeling as though you see the orthodontist more than anyone else in Sturbridge. No matter how tough the road may be, professional surfer and shark attack survivor Bethany Hamilton wants you to know that it’s worth the ride and you shouldn’t give up.

Hamilton is the pro surfer who miraculously survived a horrific shark attack as depicted in the movie Soul Surfer. Hamilton’s left arm was bitten off in the attack but she was able to find the strength to recovery from her injuries and return to the sport that she loved. She now uses her platform as an athlete and a celebrity to encourage teens, children, and adults to keep going. She believes that you can smile through your adversity, no matter what challenges life may throw your way. Besides the shark attack, she’s faced a number of challenges in life. For example, she’s no stranger to orthodontic treatment.

Hamilton’s orthodontic journey began when she was 14 years old. She was diagnosed with a severe underbite, a narrow arch, and severe crowding. She also suffered from an open bite—a condition that prevents the front teeth from fitting together, even when the jaw is in the closed position. Although her severe diagnosis could have required surgical treatment, her orthodontist was able to correct her smile and bite with the use of a cutting-edge orthodontic bracket system.

Bethany Hamilton is one of more than 3 million orthodontic patients who have enjoyed the transformational results of the Damon orthodontic system, and she is now an advocate for other patients who want to overcome their orthodontic challenges. To find out if the Damon system is available in Sturbridge, call to consult an orthodontist today.

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