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We proudly serve patients of all ages from Sturbridge and the surrounding communities. Our team at Sturbridge Orthodontics is dedicated to offering exceptional orthodontic care to everyone who walks through our doors.

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Contemporary and Comfortable

Our Sturbridge orthodontic office is designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. Relax in our welcoming waiting area, where we offer complimentary Wi-Fi and refreshments, making each visit to Sturbridge Orthodontics a pleasant experience.

Impeccably Clean and Advanced

At Sturbridge Orthodontics, we prioritize cleanliness and efficiency. Our office is equipped with digital record-keeping systems, advanced sterilization techniques, and comfortable treatment chairs. We ensure a safe, clean, and modern environment for all our orthodontic treatments.

Easily Accessible

Sturbridge Orthodontics is ideally located to serve the Sturbridge community and surrounding areas. Our office is situated conveniently, making it easy for you to access top-notch orthodontic care just a few minutes away from your home, work, or school.

The BEST Office!

Sturbridge Orthodontics is hands down the BEST Orthodontics office I’ve ever been to. Dr. Sabelis and the staff are all AMAZING!! From beginning to end, you won’t be disappointed!!!

- Liz

A Trusted Orthodontist in Sturbridge


Dr. Ferdinand Sabelis, a distinguished orthodontist in Sturbridge, has dedicated his career to providing exceptional orthodontic care.

With an Honors Degree in Pharmacology from the University of Toronto and a Doctor of Dental Medicine from Tufts University, his academic excellence set the foundation for his specialized orthodontic training.

Inducted into the prestigious National Dental Honor Society and recognized with several awards in dentistry and orthodontics, Dr. Sabelis brings both expertise and passion to his practice at Sturbridge Orthodontics.

Dr. Sabelis' commitment extends beyond his qualifications, as he continuously seeks to stay abreast of the latest developments in orthodontics. He participates in ongoing education and professional groups, ensuring that his patients benefit from the most current and effective treatment methods.

Dr. Sabelis’ approach is patient-focused, combining clinical excellence with a personal touch to create positive and lasting orthodontic experiences.

Sturbridge Braces

In Sturbridge, braces remain a cornerstone of orthodontic treatment, and Dr. Sabelis ensures the most advanced options are available.

From traditional metal braces, known for their durability and effectiveness, to the aesthetically pleasing ceramic braces that blend with the natural color of teeth, patients have access to a variety of choices. Dr. Sabelis' approach focuses on comfort, efficiency, and personalized care, making the journey to a perfect smile a smooth and satisfying experience.

Modern braces have evolved to be more comfortable and less obtrusive than ever before. Dr.
Sabelis utilizes the latest advancements in brace design, which means smaller, more efficient self-ligating brackets and a wider range of aesthetic options.

His expertise in fitting and adjusting braces ensures that each patient receives the most effective and comfortable treatment suited to their individual needs.

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invisalign southbridge

Sturbridge Invisalign

Invisalign has revolutionized orthodontic treatment, offering a clear, removable alternative to braces, and it’s a popular choice in Sturbridge. Dr. Sabelis expertly customizes these aligners for each patient, ensuring a comfortable fit and effective treatment.

Ideal for patients seeking a more discreet orthodontic solution, Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible and designed for convenience. Dr. Sabelis’ expertise in Invisalign treatments ensures patients get their desired results with the flexibility and discretion that this modern technology offers.

The Invisalign treatment process is meticulously planned by Dr. Sabelis using advanced 3D imaging technology. This allows for precise customization of each aligner, ensuring they fit perfectly and work effectively to align the teeth.

Dr. Sabelis provides comprehensive guidance throughout the Invisalign journey to ensure patients understand how to use their aligners for the best results. Our team also offers continuous support and adjustments as needed.

Sturbridge Braces & Invisalign: Comprehensive Orthodontic Care

At Sturbridge Orthodontics, personalized care is paramount. Dr. Sabelis and his team take the time to understand each patient's unique orthodontic needs and preferences.

Whether it's traditional braces or Invisalign, every treatment plan is customized. This personalized approach extends beyond just aesthetics, focusing on overall oral health and functionality.

With a commitment to using the latest techniques and technologies, Sturbridge Orthodontics ensures patients receive the highest standard of orthodontic care.

Dr. Sabelis’ philosophy centers on creating tailored orthodontic solutions that reflect the
individuality of each patient. By considering factors such as lifestyle, aesthetic preferences, and dental health, he crafts treatment plans that are not only effective but also align with the patient’s personal and professional life.

This holistic approach to orthodontics at Sturbridge Orthodontics ensures a satisfying and transformative experience for all patients.

Choosing the Right Treatment for You

Understanding the best orthodontic treatment for your needs is crucial, and Dr. Sabelis is dedicated to guiding each patient through this decision-making process.

During a thorough consultation at Sturbridge Orthodontics, he discusses all available options, from the tried-and-true effectiveness of braces to the innovative technology of Invisalign. This ensures that every patient makes an informed choice, aligning their treatment with their lifestyle, goals, and oral health needs.

In these consultations, Dr. Sabelis emphasizes the importance of selecting a treatment that not only addresses orthodontic concerns but also fits seamlessly into the patient’s daily life. He takes the time to answer questions, address concerns, and outline what patients can expect from each treatment option.

This patient-centric approach empowers individuals to make choices that are best suited for their unique smiles, ensuring satisfaction and confidence in their orthodontic journey.