Damon® Braces Sturbridge

Self-ligating brackets create less friction, and faster tooth movements, and patients can go longer between orthodontic visits. Damon® brackets also apply lighter forces, which means adjustments are more comfortable and they prevent your teeth from feeling as sore after your adjustments.

Another benefit of self-ligating brackets is the improved oral hygiene aspect. The O-rings used in the conventional treatment are plaque magnets. Damon® braces make dental hygiene easy throughout the course of treatment.

Treatment with the Damon® System in Sturbridge

Treatment with the Damon® System reduces the need for tooth extractions to correct some orthodontic issues, due to the use of biologically sensible forces that work with your body’s natural adaptive processes to create space on its own. This system typically requires no headgear or expanders as part of your treatment plan.

A study that compared the Damon® System to conventional braces found that orthodontic treatment with the Damon System is completed more than seven months faster. It also found that patients undergoing treatment with the Damon® system required almost half as many appointments than those who had conventional braces.

The end result of Sturbridge orthodontic treatment with the Damon® System is a wider, fuller smile, higher cheek contours, improved facial profile and aesthetics, and increased self-esteem.

Dr. Ferdinand Sabelis uses the Damon® System to treat all types of malocclusions, including overjet, overbite, underbite and crossbite without the need for surgery. Please call our office today to schedule a consultation. You can learn more about this orthodontic treatment method and whether it is a good choice for your unique needs.