Orthodontic Problems And Hidden Health Risks

The Hidden Health Risks of Crooked Teeth

Crooked or poorly aligned teeth can threaten the health of any child or adult. That’s why, the way that the teeth fit together is more than a cosmetic issue, and without treatment, the problems can eventually harm your overall health. One top orthodontist in Sturbridge shines a light on the hidden health risks that are associated with some very common orthodontic problems:

Crowding- promotes the accumulation of plaque and tartar, contributing to progressive periodontal disease.

Spacing and gaps- encourages food impaction between the teeth, which irritates the gums and promotes gum disease.

Deep bite- the edges of the lower teeth can press into the roof of the mouth, traumatizing the soft tissue and leading to the premature wear of the permanent teeth.

Crossbite- causes the teeth to chip or wear down prematurely, while also leading to notches along the gum line, receding gums, and bone loss.

Excessive overjet- protruding front teeth are more vulnerable to chips, fractures, and accidental trauma.

Edge-to-edge bite- leads to rapid wear and erosion of the front teeth, causing the teeth to appear shorter and subjecting the jaw joint to severe, chronic stress.

Open bite- When the front teeth do not come together, the back teeth are subjected to excessive biting forces and stress. The front teeth become more vulnerable to tartar accumulation. Also, chronic dry mouth and speech problems are likely to be of concern.

There is an even greater health risk:

The problems associated with an unbalanced or misaligned bite can become quite severe when they are left unaddressed. Preventable problems such as periodontal disease and premature wear can eventually result in tooth loss. Even worse, periodontal disease increases the risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease or hardened arteries.

Parents can prevent or reduce the risks of these health problems by ensuring that their children are evaluated by an orthodontist by the age of 7, with annual visits for monitoring each year thereafter. To schedule your child’s appointment with a Sturbridge orthodontist, call today.