Braces with Missing Teeth: Discover an Adorned Smile After Orthodontic Treatment

Sturbridge Orthodontic treatment is constantly evolving and creating new ways to address all kinds of dental issues. This means that every patient has the opportunity to achieve the smile of their dreams, even if they are missing a few teeth. In these cases, orthodontists will prepare their patients to fix the alignment of the remaining teeth and plan for the eventual replacement of the missing teeth.

Once orthodontic care is over, some patients consider cosmetic dentistry. A new popular trend involves adorning teeth with little diamonds to make their smile shine brighter! In this article, we will explain how orthodontic treatment addresses cases of missing teeth and everything patients need to know about dental jewelry.

Orthodontic Braces with Missing Teeth

Have you ever wondered if you can get braces when you have a few missing teeth? Well, the answer is yes! Orthodontic braces remain an excellent option for patients with spaces between their teeth. You first need to book an appointment with an orthodontist, who will create a treatment plan for you.

Then, your orthodontist will focus on moving the remaining teeth to their proper positions using orthodontic appliances. This process improves the alignment and spacing of the existing teeth, preparing the mouth for potential tooth replacement.

Once the teeth are in their correct position, you can explore options for replacing the missing teeth. Your dental professional might recommend dental implants, bridges, or partial dentures. These prosthetic solutions will fill the spaces left by the missing teeth.

How Do Braces Work with Missing Teeth?

The biomechanics behind orthodontic appliances, such as metal braces or clear aligners, are very interesting. The braces exert gentle but consistent pressure on your teeth, slowly moving them into their ideal positions over time. But what happens when you are missing teeth?

Well, orthodontists have two approaches to address this situation. The first option is to close the gaps left by the missing teeth through precise adjustments and tightening the wires. Consequently, the teeth gradually move closer together until they eliminate the spaces.

The second option is installing braces to move the teeth while preparing the empty spaces for future dental work, such as implants or bridges. The orthodontic appliances will create the proper space to ensure the new teeth fit perfectly within your smile.

In exceptional cases, patients go beyond getting implants or bridges and get a personalized “diamond teeth” option. Usually, dental professionals don’t recommend this option due to potential hygiene concerns. However, we think it is worth talking about this trendy option.

Diamond-Adorned Teeth After Orthodontics

After completing orthodontic care, some patients decide to adorn their teeth with diamonds, a popular decoration. This represents a trendy way to add more sparkle to their smile.

The process of placing these gems into the teeth is pretty safe for oral health. The dental professional uses a specialized, oral-safe adhesive to add the diamonds to the teeth’ surface carefully. Typically, the pieces of diamonds are so small that they won’t interfere with their bite and oral function.

Are There Any Benefits to Having Diamond Teeth?

It is important to remember that diamond teeth are a cosmetic choice, and it doesn’t provide any benefits to oral health. However, this form of decoration can be appealing because you can choose to place the little diamonds on any tooth you want. The most common choices are the upper incisors or canines since they are the most visible.

Are Diamond-Adorned Teeth Safe?

Yes, dental professionals consider diamond-adorned teeth to be a safe cosmetic option. The process of attaching the diamonds uses a dental adhesive that doesn’t harm the enamel or the tooth’s structure. Although the diamonds shouldn’t damage your teeth, there is a potential risk of plaque buildup around them. So, we recommend maintaining a proper oral hygiene routine that helps you avoid dental issues like tooth decay or gum disease.

How to Care for Diamond-Adorned Teeth

Caring for diamond-adorned teeth is similar to caring for your natural teeth. Just make sure you carefully brush and floss your teeth daily; this will prevent plaque buildup and other dental problems. We also recommend that you schedule regular dental check-ups with your dentist to verify that the diamonds are securely attached to your teeth while monitoring your oral health.

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If you still have doubts about missing teeth, we have the expertise to address your concerns and provide you with the best orthodontic solution. All you need to do is book your consultation today! At Sturbridge Orthodontics, we will happily answer all your questions and help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.

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