Get A Better Bite Without Dental Surgery

Your bite represents the way that your teeth fit together. A perfectly aligned bite is one in which the upper teeth fit just slightly over the edges of the lower teeth. Unfortunately, few of us are able to enjoy a perfect bite without help from a professional. If your bite could stand to be improved, but you’re afraid that the orthodontist will recommend surgery, talk to a Sturbridge orthodontist about your non-surgical bite correction options.

Technically, a bad bite is known as malocclusion and it’s a condition of which you might be completely unaware—at first. Properly-aligned teeth are easier to keep clean and tend to function without stress or strain. A healthy or proper bite is less likely to be compromised by gum disease or cavities. However, a bad bite tends to stain your teeth, jaws, and muscles excessively, increasing your risk for gum disease, cavities, and broken teeth. Malocclusion also promotes the symptoms of TMD/TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorders).

Although some severe malocclusion cases will require some form of dental surgery (jaw surgery), the orthodontist will first help you to explore your non-surgical bite correction options:

Night Guards – If you suffer from bruxism, a custom-made acrylic or plastic dental appliance can be worn over your top or bottom teeth while you sleep. When worn as recommended, a nightguard can reduce the wear and tear of grinding to stabilize your bite.

Tooth Reshaping – The teeth can be gently reshaped when they are fairly well aligned but still quite fitting together perfectly. A slight adjustment can help to evenly distribute your biting pressure across all of your teeth rather than just a few. The dentist can evaluate your bite and make minor adjustments until your bite is properly balanced.

Orthodontics – An experienced orthodontist is generally your best resource when your bite needs to be corrected.

Braces, retainers, and other orthodontic appliances can be used to guide your teeth into a healthier bite relationship. Although the process can take months or years to complete, most bite problems can be corrected without the need for dental surgery.

For a better bite without dental surgery, talk to an orthodontist in Sturbridge MA today.