Better Orthodontic Results Through Music

As a musician with a long-time passion for 1980s rock, Dr. Sabelis isn’t just the most unique orthodontist in Sturbridge—he might also be among the smartest. That’s because he understands that music isn’t just about cool sounds, studies show that music also offers some pretty incredible dental health benefits as well. If you are about to get braces or are somewhere in the middle of the process, it’s possible that you could improve the outcome of your treatment by embracing the sweet sound of music.

Your Brain and Body’s Response to Music

Music doesn’t just go in one ear and out the other—it influences your brain and has some surprisingly positive effects on your body, too. There are receptors in the brain that respond to the musical soundwaves which travel through the air and into the ears. As the brain interprets these sounds, we enjoy a number of valuable benefits, and many of these are related to our oral health—especially when we have braces:

  • Music improves our language skills, creativity, and happiness.
  • Music decreases anxiety.
  • Music speeds healing.
  • Music increases optimism.
  • Music helps to control and decrease pain.
  • Music has been found to help in the management of autism, Tourette’s syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder, and anxiety disorders.
  • Music encourages the body to release serotonin (the hormone that makes us feel happy!)
  • Music helps to improve the quality of sleep and mediation.

What does this have to do with braces and orthodontics?

Getting braces isn’t always easy, but the orthodontist makes every effort to provide you with a positive experience and a healthy outcome. Adding more music to your life, both in the orthodontist’s office and at home, can actually enhance your experience and improve your health. You can use music to get yourself in a good mood before your orthodontic appointment, keep yourself calm and relaxed during your appointment, and help your body to heal faster after your treatment.

There’s at least one orthodontist in Sturbridge who believes in the power of music. Find out more by calling to schedule an appointment today.