Five Questions You Should Be Asking The Orthodontist

It’s normal to interview a prospective orthodontist before you make the decision to get braces or Invisalign. Asking questions and getting to know the orthodontist is the best way for you to find the orthodontic office that will be the best fit for you. After all, once you get started, you could be visiting the same Sturbridge orthodontic office for many years.  But, your questions shouldn’t end after the initial consultation. Asking questions throughout your treatment will help you to learn more about your health and keep you engaged in your orthodontic progress. Ask your orthodontist these 5 questions during your next visit:

  1. Are you comfortable with my progress? Even if you haven’t seen a huge change in your smile since your last visit, your orthodontist has a strategic plan for your smile, and he’s got a timeline in mind as to how things should be moving along. To understand more about your orthodontist’s strategic plan for your smile, ask how he feels about your progress.
  2. What can I do between appointments to help? What you do between your orthodontic appointments can either help or hinder your progress. Make sure you are doing all that you can to help (and find out if you’re doing anything that is slowing you down).
  3. How is my oral hygiene? Poor oral hygiene can hinder your progress and harm your health. Ask the orthodontist and assistants if there are any areas that you might not be cleaning well enough.
  4. What oral health products should I be using? The right products will keep you healthier and more comfortable. Find out if you should be using extra fluoride, special rinses, or electric toothbrushes during your normal routine.
  5. Is there anything that my general dentist needs to know? You should continue to see your general dentist during your orthodontic process. Ask if your orthodontist has noticed any issues that should be brought to your dentist’s attention. Keep the lines of communication open if you want to receive the very best care.

To speak with an orthodontist in Sturbridge who’ll be glad to answer your questions, call to schedule your appointment today.