Sturbridge Orthodontics Explains What To Do About Broken Braces

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Try as you might to keep braces in perfect shape, life happens! Your mouth is a busy place for talking, eating, drinking, playing sports and instruments, etc. Sometimes it’s hard to know when you need to make an immediate appointment with us to fix an issue and when you can just wait for the next visit. If anything is causing you serious pain or interfering with your ability to eat, for example, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with our office right away.

+ Broken or loose bracket: A common problem, loose or broken brackets can occur for a number of reasons. Most of the time, this can be left alone until your next visit. If you’re experiencing discomfort in the meantime, try some orthodontic wax on the bracket.

+ A long or broken wire: Wires can poke into the back of the mouth (if long) or cheeks (if broken). This can be managed with some wax until you can make it into the office to have the wire trimmed or repaired.

+ A stray steel ligature: Steel ligatures are often used to secure a bracket to a wire, but they can move around and poke you from time to time. You can fix this by using a pencil eraser or Q-tip to gently push the ligature back toward the tooth and away from your cheek or gum.

+ Lost ligature: There is no need to replace this before your next appointment. Just make note of which one is missing and we’ll address it when we see you again!

+ Lost spacer: If the small rubber bands used as spacers come loose, you can usually replace them yourself by stringing two pieces of floss through the spacer and holding the ends of the floss in each hand. Then, wedge the spacer between the teeth and gently remove the floss. If this doesn’t work, call us and we will replace it for you.

+ Lost or broken space maintainer or expander: Call us immediately so that we may fix these issues. They are too complicated to fix at home and will need to be in place for efficient orthodontic treatment.