Orthodontist Warns Against Diy Braces

The idea of straightening your teeth at home may sound funny at first, but many people in our community are searching for a cheaper and easier alternative to braces. Sturbridge orthodontists get it. Braces aren’t cheap. However, there are lots of long-term benefits to be enjoyed when you make the financial investment to improve your oral health. On the flip side, their risk of a bad outcome is so great when it comes to do-it-yourself braces, that orthodontists are urging you to leave it to the professionals.

Moving and aligning the teeth is a process that involves a tremendous knowledge of science, medicine, and mechanics. For this reason, dentists must complete roughly 8 years of college BEFORE beginning to learn about the dental specialty known as orthodontics. It’s a lengthy and expensive education. However, it’s a worthwhile process because you wouldn’t trust your oral health to someone who hasn’t been well trained. You’d only trust your smile to someone who knows how to prevent complications, handle unexpected situations, and produce the best possible smile for you. Now ask yourself: are you qualified to straighten your teeth? If you’re not an orthodontist, the answer is “Of course not!”

Although the process of straightening the teeth may look easy on YouTube, don’t skip out on professional orthodontic care by taking matters into your own hands. Only a trained and experienced orthodontist knows how to:

  • Recognize potential problems
  • Properly establish a stable bite
  • Recognize treatment limitations
  • Reduce the risk of bone loss, root destruction, ligament damage

The internet features lots of tutorials and kits for DIY braces, but there is no way to reverse the damage that can be caused when you experiment with your oral health. Remember that no kit can replace the education, training, and experience of an orthodontic professional. For safely straightened teeth, contact an orthodontist in Sturbridge today.