Sturbridge Orthodontics Overview

Sturbridge Orthodontic treatment corrects malocclusions, or bite imperfections. Orthodontists specialize in not just straightening teeth but also creating properly functioning bite relationships.

Orthodontic treatment should be considered an important component of your oral health. That’s because the benefits of orthodontics go far beyond just the cosmetic. Orthodontic treatment can close gaps and abnormal spacing and straighten crooked teeth, but it can also:

  • Improve speech
  • Improve biting and chewing ability
  • Improve your oral health
  • Improve your bite relationship to prevent abnormal wear and breakage of the teeth

Abnormal bites can negatively impact our speech ability because the teeth may not be in the correct locations for the tongue to properly create certain sounds. If a bite is off, it can mean you don’t bite and chew properly. And crooked, crowded, and misaligned teeth are harder to keep clean, leading to an increased chance of decay, cavities, and gum disease. Not only that, a bad bite means you are placing an uneven amount of pressure when you bite down, which can cause your teeth to wear down, chip, crack and break.

Orthodontic treatment can be accomplished at any age and can have amazing effects on a person’s self-esteem. An improved smile through orthodontic treatment can help you or your child confidently greet the world.

Today’s orthodontic treatment is more advanced than ever before and at Sturbridge Orthodontics, we offer the most cutting-edge options. This allows us to correct smiles more efficiently, effectively, and comfortably than before.

We treat patients of all ages, however, seven is the recommended time to visit an orthodontist. But we can successfully move teeth at any age, as long as the supporting bone structures and gums are healthy enough.

We offer treatment options ranging from standard metal braces to clear aligners, allowing you to receive the most efficient treatment, as well as the most discreet options available.

Orthodontic treatment from Sturbridge Orthodontics creates smiles that last a lifetime.